All the Things….

All the things…..


Some of you may recall me once saying something about me trying to be better about blogging. Well, today is a new day. A new month! A new moment to share the happenings in Kinnie Dye’s world. A lot has been going on. I mean, a LOT.

In the last couple of months I have seen some amazing concerts…James Taylor, Chris Stapleton, Bob Dylan, Bonnie Raitt, Switchfoot, and my dear personal friends from Straight No Chaser. Each show was like an inspiration shot to the brain to write more, play better, sing stronger, and find some swagger. Seeing live performances is like homework for me. I love to stand back and watch. I watch the guitar techs tune and get guitars ready for stage. I watch monitor guys be ready for a stage wave to adjust levels. I watch band members interact with one another through their eyes and body language. It’s all so cool to me. Yes, I watch the show. But, there’s sooooo much that goes into a show. Believe it or not, it isn’t all about us onstage performing for you. There’s a whole crew that makes the magic happen.


This last week, I got to be a part of a crew that made the magic happen. I volunteered at Rock N Rock Camp for Girls San Diego. I was brought in as the vocal coach. Here’s what went down….girls aging from 8-17 came to camp on a Monday, picked an instrument, formed a band, learned an instrument, wrote a song, and performed on a real stage at a real venue for all of their family and friends on Saturday afternoon. What?! Yep. That happened. It was amazing and adorable and humbling and beautiful. These girls were empowered to express themselves fully without judgement. We were a camp of encouragement. I’m already looking forward to doing it again next year. We even had a special guest at the concert. The Jason Mraz Foundation donated a lot towards the project. He’s a very giving, humble, down to earth human. 


Last but not least, I’m officially sponsored by Taylor guitars!!! I think by just holding this new beauty I’m a better player. Ha! Seriously though, this guitar sure does make playing a whole lot easier. It doesn’t have a name yet. Gasp! Or gender. Gasp, gasp! I’m working on it. We need to get to know each other a little better before we make such a big commitment. I’m open to suggestions. Send ‘em my way!!!


That’s it for now. I have a more posts bubbling, so don’t stray too far away from my page. Thanks for all the love and support. There’s new music being played at my gigs!! Be sure to check out my performance calendar on my website.


Live the life you love! Love the life you live! We only get one!!!!!!!