Who says you have to wait until New Years to make some resolutions??

2017 was a big year for me. I did my very first solo tours!
One took me up to Napa, Redwood City, and Santa’s Cruz.
The second took me from the coast of San Diego to the beaches of Ocracoke Island off the coast of North Carolina.
The third took me right back up to Napa.
I also managed to land opening slots for 4 different national acts: Henry Kapono, Chris Isaak, Albert Lee, and Emmylou Harris.
I moved into my very own studio apartment.
I let go of my manager.
My sweet, wonderful, long-term boyfriend and I decided to step away from our relationship.
Austin the Cat is officially trained to use the toilet.
I bought a ticket to Ireland for next fall.
Big year.

The need for resolutions hit me hard and fast. I’ve been craving solitude. I feel the need to really get down and dirty with myself and my professional desires. I work best when I’m working for myself and can see tangible results.

That being said, I’m making a bold move and touring up to Seattle in the Spring. I could use any and all the help I can get, from venues, to places to stay, to must-see detours.

I’ve been absent from social media for awhile. I needed time and space to think and regroup and heal. I’m back. Check out my schedule and come see a show. Let’s reconnect.