Happy 2019

We’ll, here’s to another year of me saying I’m going to be better about social media and writing more updates.

I woke up the Monday after Thanksgiving knowing I could no longer live in my studio. I was feeling super trapped and unproductive. That day, I started to look for a new living situation. I had a list of non-negotiable things that I need for my new space:

  • Parking Space
  • Ground Level (no stairs – hauling my gear up and down a flight of stairs multiple times a week got really old)
  • South Facing Windows
  • One bedroom (no more sleeping in the main living quarters)

I wasn’t asking for a lot, and I knew these small changes would make a big difference. Six days later I signed the lease on a ground level, one bedroom apartment with HUGE south facing windows, and a parking space.

In the midst of packing and preparing to move, I thought it would be a great idea to record a new record. On December 23rd, I finished tracking the vocals for my new yoga-inspired album. I had the incredible opportunity to record at Ohm Grown Studios in Fallbrook with Jeff Berkley. It was a beautiful experience, and I can’t wait to share this new music with you.

I moved into my new spot on December 24th.

I took the last few weeks of 2018 to put myself into uncomfortable positions so that I could GROW! I feel more ready than ever to tackle the year ahead. Stay with me, folks.

Forever grateful for you,

~ Kinnie