Hey-O, 2017!

It’s a new year.

I had to really focus on the good things that happened to me in 2016, because it can be easy to fall down the worm hole of negativity. When looking back on 2016, make a list of the good. That’s what’s important to remember anyway.

Here are a few of my faves from my list:

From April 9th to December 31st I played 63 gigs!!!!! What?! That is an amazing number to me considering I could barely play 30 minutes of music on the guitar in January.

I went to 17 concerts!!! I saw a range of artists from Elton John to Sia to Dolly Parton. Amazing. I’m hooked on live shows….and good seats.

I got a car! I haven’t owned a vehicle since college. Technically, the bank owns it, but they let me drive it if I pay them every month. ?

I did TWO 200hr yoga certifications and now teach at CorePower Yoga! I absolutely love teaching yoga. I sing in savasana for all of my students. It allows me to bring a little more of myself into every class.

I went to Nashville and got to sing for Emmylou Harris and Tony Brown. The re-telling of that adventure could be an entire separate blog. I had a blast. It was an absolute honor to hang in the presence of such longtime music icons.

Go ahead and take 5 minutes to jot down what you loved about 2016. It couldn’t have been all that bad.❤️????✌?❤️

~ Kinnie