Just over here alone and happy…

I’m writing this from my very own studio apartment! I am over the moon excited about having my own space. I had intentions of living alone for 2 years. I knew it would happen when the timing was right. September 1st was the right time.
I love being alone. I could spend days and days alone and be perfectly content. I find I work harder and much more efficiently when I’m alone. There’s a beautiful peace and freedom in being alone. The phrase “Dance like no one is watching” resonantes with me in my new space. I dance. I sing. I play guitar. I talk to myself. I incessantly clean. And, I do it all for me.
I don’t have kids. I’ve never been married. However, I was in a long term, completely plutonic relationship with my former bandmate. For years we worked together, played together, and lived together. When that ended there was a loss. I was connected at the hip with this person for years. However, I found myself living FOR them, often putting myself second or third, or not caring for myself at all.
Now, the more I invest into my own personal happiness, the more I succeed….in my music, my relationships, my goals, everywhere!
I find happiness and contentment being alone with myself. I create my happiness!