Music! Music! Music!

Holy moly have I seen some good shows lately!!

Pictured from top left: Carrie Underwood, Counting Crows (Adam Duritz), Rob Thomas, and Ray LaMontagne with My Morning Jacket.


I absolutely love seeing live concerts. They’re like homework for me. I love watching the guitar hand-offs, the guys on the sides of the stage managing lights and monitors, and the interaction between the artist and the band.

My inspiration comes from many places. Sometimes it’s a walk. Sometimes it’s a feeling. Sometimes it’s crazy thoughts inside me that just need to get out and into the world. Seeing these artists the last week was definitely inspirational. I walked away each evening with a fire inside me to be better as an artist and musician. I think every artist dreams of performing on a big stage in front of lots of people cheering and eager to be entertained. I’ve never sought fame or fortune. I seek out authentic interactions. I want very much to make a difference in someone’s life with my music.

Sometimes I feel so close to the big stage and audience.


I had an amazing opportunity at the beginning of this month to open for Jewel for an event put together by Rady Children’s Hospital. Jewel and I shared a dressing room. I even got to hold her guitar! There were 700 people there on the lawn sitting in white folding chairs waiting to be entertained. I wish I could put into words the feelings that go through my mind and body when playing a big show like that. There’s a beautiful, calming peace that takes over and allows my voice and music to open up and shine.

Meeting Harry Rady may have been the highlight of the gig. We had a pretty funny introduction. The night before the gig he caught me hugging his favorite tree. I don’t know what possessed me to hug that tree, but I’m sure glad I did.


I continue to feel ridiculously blessed on a daily basis. Life is good. Music is good. I’m absolutely loving the life I live and living a life I love.     ~ Kinnie