Post-tour Thoughts

I’m feeling all the feels as I sit down to write this post.
I got home from my first solo national tour last week. I was gone 6 weeks. A mere 6 hours away from being home, I ended up having car and tire issues. I felt so close and so far away all at the same time. I took the delay and baked by the pool in the Arizona sun.
I made it back to San Diego safe and sound. I was mentally and physically exhausted, but that didn’t stop me from heading straight to the yoga studio to teach my students who hadn’t seen me in over a month. My body was wrecked from being in a car for so long. My mind was exhausted from being on the road. Yoga, as it’s done time and time again, saved me. It brought me back to my breath. I found comfort and serenity through the chaos of this gypsy life I’ve chosen.
Things don’t slow down because I’m home. They’re crazier than ever! Between teaching, gigging, catching up with friends, and unpacking, I haven’t had a moment of down time. This past weekend I played 4 shows, including opening up for Chris Isaak at Humphrey’s by the Bay!!!!

Maybe it’s the exhaustion talking, but I feel like I’m coming into my own on this solo journey. I have never felt more confident in my path. I’ve never been more comfortable on the stage. I’m able to keep all my proverbial balls in the air AND my feet moving forward.
I’m excited for what the rest of the year has in store for me and my journey.
I have a bunch of shows in next few weeks. I’m teaching a ton of yoga. And, next week I’ll be coaching 40 young ladies at San Diego’s very own Rock N’ Roll Camp for Girls. There is no rest for the weary. I thrive on the momentum!!
Thank you, thank you, thank you for the constant love and support. I wouldn’t be where I am without the phone calls and texts and cards and messages. I feel it!! I hope to see you out at a show soon.

~ Kinnie