The clock is really tickin’ now.⏰

I leave for my first solo cross country tour on Monday, May 29th. Am I ready? Yep. Am I excited? Beyond. I’ve never felt more prepared in so many different aspects (mentally, financially, emotionally, etc.) to hit the road. Each day brings another round of to-do’s. My spirits are high and doing these tasks doesn’t seem like “work”. It feels good to be so on top my shit.?
This little update is a testament to how scenarios play out according to our REACTIONS.

Come with me on this journey….
Thursday, May 18th I traveled to my happy place in the mountains of Ramona, CA.? There, I took time to learn new songs, prepare my route, and make lists for packing. It was an “I’m going on a journey and need to take a few days to go away to prepare for my time away” getaway. ?

Verrrrrry long story short, while in the mountains some rats thought it would be cool and yummy to eat through my fuel line.???
First of all, that is crazy.
Second of all, I’m far away from SD and need to get my car to my dealership.
Third, and most important, I have exactly one week to fix the situation and get on the road!

A quick call to Honda Roadside Assistance began to put my whole amazing, albeit crazy, experience into action. ??

8:00am – Call Honda Roadside Assistance
9:00am – They arrive and tow my car to my dealer
10:30am – Honda calls, “Hey Kinnie, we’ve received your car.”
12pm – Honda calls, “Hey Kinnie, call your insurance company. Looks like rodents have eaten your fuel line.
1pm – Insurance calls, “Hey Kinnie. You want to file a claim?
4pm – Insurance adjuster calls, “Hey Kinnie, let’s get a rental set up for you.”
5pm – Pick up the rental car.

That was Monday!! Awesome. Smooth. Easy and accommodating.

Fast forward to 10am on Friday…
Honda calls, “Hey Kinnie, you’re car is ready and washed and sitting with a full tank of gas.”

A lot of different REACTIONS could’ve taken place throughout this ordeal. I could’ve freaked out. I could’ve been angry or upset or mean. Instead, I accepted what was, went with the flow and TRUSTED that all of my hard work and preparation would not be lost to rats. ?

Our REACTIONS can be as powerful as our actions.

Now to make it through the weekend….?