What’s New and Happening

So much has been going on, I hardly know where to begin! I can’t believe how much time has passed since I started this journey. 🙂

At the beginning of March, myself and six of the most talented musicians I know took over The Studio in Encinitas, CA to record live tracks for my new record. It was an unforgettable experience. We came together, we made great music, and we managed to get it all captured through video AND audio. A couple of the videos have been posted up on my FaceBook Page. I’ll keep posting them as they are edited. Back to the experience of it all….we completely took over Jaysea DeVoe’s (@seavibesyoga) yoga studio in Encinitas. As soon as I saw the space I knew I had to record there. It was so peaceful, so calm, so soothing and magical.



For three days we played and recorded music for hours and hours. In the end, we beautifully captured 12 tracks. There were no comps and no edits, just great takes. I had never recorded something in that way before. In today’s digital world we can always get a do-over, we can always edit and cut and paste. Not this this recording. We played the songs until we got it right. Are there missed notes? Sure! Are there funny nuances that are forever in digital ink? Yep. Nothing is perfect in this world. I think the whole idea of a live record allows artists to be IN the music, to let go of expectations of perfection and have fun doing what we are blessed to be able to do in this life. The record, entitled “Live,” will be available sooooooooon!! It’s in production as I type this. Please sign up for updates or check back here weekly for more news on it’s release. Don’t worry… there will be a party. 😉

In other news… I got to open for The Steve Miller Band at Humphrey’s Concerts by the Bay!!! What?!?! It was such an amazing experience. I had friends in town from all over the country who were able to see the show. Never have I ever felt more prepared to sing 7 songs. It was a dream come true. Everyone from Security to Ushers to Production were incredibly kind to me throughout the night. It was an evening I’ll never forget. The picture is me and my manager, Steve Redfearn, after my performance. Talk about some cheese.


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Thanks so much for stopping by! See you again soon.