Wonder WOMEN

Today is my first day off since arriving on Ocracoke! My voice is tired but has held up strong through 6 consecutive nights of playing and singing 2-3 hours. Today, I beach. Today, I reflect. Today, I renergize for another full week of shows.
I haven’t yet seen Wonder Woman. It came out the weekend before I left San Diego. Between my final shows and planning and packing, it wasn’t in the cards to catch a movie. I’ve been experiencing a bit of my own Wonder Woman these last three weeks. I’m calling them Wonder WOMEN. I’ve spent most of my adult life consistently surrounded by men. This tour has been a breath of fresh air, as I’ve been able to connect and be inspired by women. Some, I have been able to call friends for years. Others, I hope to nurture into lasting friendships.
A common theme amongst these women I speak of is this…they are absolutely creating a life that is meaningful and passionate to THEM. They are not living to impress others. THey are not constantly searching for the attention or validation of a man. They are creative, successful, caring, talented, hardworking women who are carving out a life for THEMSELVES. Because, when we are happy as ourselves, and when we find self love, the other things we want or desire in life will fall into place.
I left San Diego as a dear friend was taking control of her destiny. She stepped into the unknown, stepped into the uncomfortability, stepped into the fear and has come out on the other side EMPOWERED.
Austin, (Texas, not my cat) was my first stop on the road. I got to reconnect with my NYC ladies who are doing big things in Austin, not only professionally, but personally as well. I’ve never seen them happier or more confident.
In New Orleans, I connected with another NYC lady who has found that being alone with herself is something she loves. It gives her space to relax and recharge. Enjoying sober solitude in that city should come along with a medal. I was inspired.
In Nashville, I had the honor of hanging out and playing with a very accomplished lady who has had her moments in the spotlight and is now supporting her husband’s dream so that he, too, can experience the feeling of big tour buses and traveling the world. She is one of the most humble and kind people I’ve had the pleasure of working with.
In Richmond I was in awe of SPARC’s Live Art event. The women behind the scenes are the foundation of this project…from the director of the show, to the event planner, to the director of the program. There was only one business card being handed out the night of the event, and it was a woman’s. I also had a surprise lunch with a dear from Norfolk who lives her life as an example to BE the change we want to see in the world.
Here on Ocracoke, I’m surrounded by women who work hard and support one another throughout the community with kind words, love, lemon bars, a helping hand, and a shoulder for support.
I’m basking in the power of women in my life. Across this country I have managed to surround myself with women who empower and inspire me. Thank you!!!! I love you all.