Yoga and Song Unite

When I first came to California, I had a very sporadic yoga practice. I first started practicing yoga when I was living in NYC. I would intermittently meet up with friends to journey to a tiny studio in midtown to do hot yoga. We would practice in a room on the second level of a building above a deli and shared a stairwell with a nail salon. There were no showers, a single bathroom, and the tiniest “changing” room you’ve ever seen. It was, and probably still is, the cheapest yoga in the city. I remember walking into this 100 degree room for the first time and hearing the horns blasting and the hubbub of NYC down below. How in the world were we supposed to quiet our minds in the midst of all this chaos? The first couple of classes were difficult, and I was distracted, but I eventually learned to focus on the teacher’s voice. My favorite part of class was always at the end when the teacher would read some profound, ancient proverb or text or quote and then ring a tibetan singing bowl. The sound and vibration would fill the room, my body, my soul, and then I would cry. Every single time.

About 5 months into my San Diego residency, a friend introduced me to CorePower Yoga. I immediately fell in love with the community. I started going every single morning. I would talk to my teachers after class about postures and meditation and breath and whatever else I could think of. I couldn’t get enough. I soon began singing for their classes. It started with me taking my guitar to the studio when I would take class. I would sneak out just before savasana and grab my guitar to play for people as they laid in surrender. This changed my practice in many ways. I had gone from the student who couldn’t wait for the end of class for singing bowls and proverbs to the student who couldn’t wait to get up and share the gift of music with my fellow yogis. I started doing special music classes where I would play through the entire class while the students practiced. It’s been an incredible way for me to bring my music to a whole new group of people in a very intimate, very powerful way.

At the beginning of this year when I made the difficult decision to leave my band and pursue my own career my mat was my best friend. I found myself going to class to and weeping the entire time. The healing of yoga is very real. In the studio, I found a way to deal with my emotions through breath and movement. One day after class my teacher asked me if I’d be interested in doing Teacher Training. I’d been approached about this several times but couldn’t ever commit due to touring and playing. The time was right. There was only one way to respond. Yes, oh yes, oh yes.  My heart needed it.


I finished my Teacher Training in April. It was a journey I longed to take. I went in with many, and yet, no expectations. I just simply wanted more. More yoga, more yogis, more knowledge, more peace. I got all of that and then some. I’m looking forward to the opportunities to sing for students through the powerful gift of yoga that has saved and healed me so many times over the years. Reach out to me. Let’s do some yoga. See you on the mat!

~ Kinnie