I want to teach you how to shine! ”


Weekly Classes: 
Meet with Kinnie online weekly to help improve your vocal and aural skills or learn an instrument.  
$50 for 30 min.  
$75 for 45 min.  
$100 for 60 min.  

Monthly Classes:  
Each week you will receive assignments, exercises, and goals to work towards. Once a month, you will meet with Kinnie online for an hour and a half for intensive technique work to healthfully sustain your performing career. 
$250 monthly 

One-off Classes:  
Have an audition coming up you want to nail? Are you heading to the studio to record original music? These classes are designed for short, intensive work together.  
Rates vary depending on time needed for each individual student and their project.

Teaches all skill levels  

Teaching since 2006  

Bachelor of Music - Music Theater (BMMT)  

Teaches Age: 5+  

Has 3rd party background check


Find out the ins and outs of performing on Broadway from a seasoned vocal professional !

With over 10 experience in teaching, my goal is to make you as comfortable as possible with your instrument. Singing is about finding YOUR voice. It's there. We all have one. Let me help you take control of your voice so that you can share it with others confidently. I studied voice under Florence Birdwell at Oklahoma City University. I spent five years on the road touring with Broadway shows. As a singer/songwriter, I've opened for Jewel, The Steve Miller Band, and many others. Let's work together to expand your repertoire and get you comfortable with multiple genres and singing styles. 

I'm a professional singer, songwriter, and recording artist living in San Diego, CA. I've spent the majority of the last 12 years touring the country and sharing my music with audiences of all ages. I graduated from Oklahoma City University where I studied with the one and only Florence Birdwell. After college, I immediately moved to NYC and started touring nationally with Broadway musicals. I moved to San Diego in 2012 to pursue a more commercial music life. I've opened for Jewel, The Steve Miller Band, JOHNNYSWIM, Chris Isaak, Emmylou Harris and more. I've released 5 solo records since 2013 and have provided vocals on countless projects over the years. I continue to have regular gigs around San Diego and focus my tours up and down the west coast. In 2016, I spent the majority of the year completing 400 hours of yoga training. Exploring the voice through movement of the body is essential in my teaching. I absolutely love tearing through the layers of our vulnerability to find the true voice within. Discovering our voice is a journey, and I look forward to taking on that adventure with you.